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When you are ready to pay for web development, you might not know much about the details of it, but you surely know that you want the job done right. Additionally, you probably want a fair price, and you definitely want a developer who will work honestly and transparently. DIT Digital Marketing is proud to offer all of this, plus more!

DIT Digital Marketing is a Toronto web development firm, offering comprehensive web design and web development services. By outsourcing these tasks to our expert team, you can rest assured of a few key points worth noting:

1. Your website will be delivered quickly
2. You will save money and time
3. You will have a website that meets or exceeds your expectations

Who is the Best Toronto Web Development Specialist?

There are a lot of Toronto web development firms out there, but not all of them are created equally. What makes DIT Digital Marketing's web design/web development team superior is that our technicians have a tremendous amount of individual knowledge, skill, and experience. They've made a career out of interpreting people's visions for their websites and turning them into realities. Combined, our individual technicians provide superior service, attaining unrivaled results consistently.

What Does DIT Digital Marketing Do?

DIT Digital Marketing is a front-end development firm, meaning that we use languages like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to code websites into existence in a web browser. What exactly do these languages do? And how do they function in website development? First, note that, although DIT is a front-end development agency, we can also manage your database for you as well, which is considered back-end development.

What is HTML and CSS?

HTML is content. CSS defines exactly how your content looks. In this way, CSS is more of a design language, and HTML is more of a development language. After all, CSS is what we use to make rules for your content, including assigning containers for content, assigning colors, specifying typography, and even adding animations to text. Still, DIT Digital Marketing is a Toronto web design/Toronto web development agency, and we provide design and development.

We Why Offer Design and Web Development Services

In today's world, the line is becoming more and more blurred between these two disciplines, so DIT Digital Marketing is a one-stop-shop for all of your website needs. Indeed, web design is but one aspect of web development, and as an A to Z website development firm, you can expect us to take care of it all for you.

Since the terms „web development“ and „web design“ are often used synonymously, and since DIT Digital Marketing provides a combination of services, here's what we can do for a person who is searching for Toronto web development:

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Web publishing
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Web scripts using PHP and ASP
  • Database management
  • Static websites
  • Dynamic websites

If you are in the market for Toronto web development services, contact DIT today for a free quote.

DIT Web Solutions Inc.

(416) 461-1143

Toronto Web Development

86 Mack Ave Suite 201

M1L 1M9

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